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Our Integrated Services: Moving & Storage Space

Looking for professional mover services and storage facilities in Singapore? We are here to help with quality, effective and affordable solutions for your moving & storage needs. The Storage Place will manage and figure out all the pieces of hard tasks, as integrated solutions. With one call or email, your problems will be solved and storage needs will be fulfilled. We have the right dedicated moving team for your moving needs and storage space at affordable price. The regular moving charges are:

Size Regular Moving Cost
20 sqft (100 cubic feet) $130
40 sqft (200 cubic feet) $190
60 sqft (300 cubic feet) $270
80 sqft (400 cubic feet) $350
100 sqft (500 cubic feet) $440
120 sqft (600 cubic feet) $530
160 sqft (800 cubic feet) $700

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Storage Tips

"Think about location. Are you going to need to access your storage building frequently? If so, look for someplace nearby."

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Get Extra Storage Space In Singapore

Are you looking for a storage space to store items that have not been in use? Or are you moving into a new place? You would be amazed at how storage space can help refine your life. Property prices have sky-rocketed ever since and our society has progressed into a millennium with a more sophisticated lifestyle. Below are some of services we provide for business & individual: Self-Storage Your warehousing demands can be served with self-storage as we offer the similar utilities, coupled with a ceiling above each unit. All our units boast a chic wooden interior, designed to keep furniture and other goods on a long-term basis. Mobile Self-Storage Besides offering all the advantages of a conventional self-storage house, Mobile Self-Storage is an integration of storage and moving, from our facility all the way to your doors or any specified address, at the start or at a later stage when needed. Spaces are rented out on a monthly basis. The 40 sqft- space is 5 ft. x 8 ft. x 7 ft. tall. We also offer quarter and half sizes. Once a unit is fully loaded, it will be sealed tightly and locked for safekeeping similar to a bank’s safe. Moving services are also provided. At our retail store, we offer logistic services and supply packing materials. We also sell boxes with dimensions of 50cm x 40cm x 40cm (high).

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